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Required Equipment:

Boys Program (Little Bantams - 8th grade): helmet (Black or White), shoulder pads, elbow/arm pads, gloves, cleats, mouthguard, and athletic cup. Rib pads are optional. Goalies must utilize goalie-specific equipment (neck guard and goalie chest guard). New equipment & starter packages can be purchased thru local and online stores (Benson Ferguson in Orange, Macwear Lacrosse Unlimited online, etc).

Boys Stick - When buying a new stick, please purchase one that has a hard mesh pocket as soft mesh pockets make it very difficult for players to throw properly.  The quality of head is more important than the shaft.

Cold Weather Clothing: During the early season practices, it can be cold. Please have your child wear layers with outer and under layers of clothing for warmth. Lacrosse is played in all weather conditions with the exception of lightning storms.

Effective January 1, 2022, all field players shall wear shoulder pads designed for lacrosse that meets the NOCSAE ND200 standard and are certified by SEI.


1. Bantam and Lightning sticks must be from 37"-42" long
2. Junior and Senior attack/middie sticks must be 40"-42" long
3. Junior defenseman sticks must be from 43"-60" long
4. Senior defenseman sticks must be no longer than the chin of the player