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Frequently Asked Questions by Parents:                               

1. What season is lacrosse played? Lacrosse is a spring sport which is played from March through early June.

2. How are the teams divided? Organizations have the flexibility to structure teams either by age or by school grade. After experimenting over the years with both structures, AYL decided to organize our teams based on school grade. All registered players will be placed on a team based on grade and roster availability.

Bantams (Grades K to 2nd)
Lightning (Grades 3rd & 4th)
Juniors (Grades 5th & 6th)
Seniors (7th & 8th)

3. How does our family register? Amity Youth Lacrosse offers Online Registration (see REGISTER ONLINE tab to the left). Sibling discounts are applied for families with more than 1 player.

4. When does the AYL lacrosse season start? The official season begins in early April, based on readiness of town fields.  Indoor and outdoor  "preseason minicamps" are conducted in March for our players and coaches. 

5. Where do we practice and play home games? Practices and games are predominantly played at Pease Rd Fields in Woodbridge and at Fred Wolfe Park in Orange.  Our other teams will practice on Tuesday and Thursday (Juniors 5th/6th & Seniors 7th/8th) or Tuesday  and Wednesday evenings (Bantams 1st/2nd & Lightning 3rd/4th).

6.Where are away games? The away games and jamborees are played in different locations all over Connecticut: (Click "Field Directions > Other Fields" on the left side of the Welcome / Home page.)

7. How do parents stay informed? The AYL website is the main form of communication with players, coaches and families. AYL Coaches and Team Managers also communicate AYL announcements and other information to players and parents. All team game schedules can be found on the AYL website. Game and practice cancellations are communicated via emails.  When registering make sure you use an email address you can access on weekends. The organization will also utilize

8. What is U.S. Lacrosse? U.S.Lacrosse is the national governing body of men's and women's lacrosse. All players will become members of U.S. Lacrosse upon registering for the AYL programs and will receive Lacrosse Magazine. All AYL players and coaches will be insured by U.S.Lacrosse while participating in a Covered Activity (i.e. all AYL events, all U.S.Lacrosse events, all CONNY events, ...). The U.S.Lacrosse website is

9. What are my registration dollars used for? Registration fees help AYL offset the costs of Conny league  dues, equipment & storage, jamboree fees, referee fees, insurance, website fees and more. AYL is a not-for-profit organization headed by volunteers interested in promoted the sport of lacrosse.