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The following is Amity Youth Lacrosse’s Covid-19 Guidelines for the 2021 season. These Guidelines are subject to updates based on the current State of Connecticut Department of Public Health, CONNY (Connecticut New York Youth Lacrosse Association) and US Lacrosse recommendations.  

The modifications outlined in this document are meant to decrease potential exposure to respiratory droplets by encouraging social distancing, limiting participation in administrative tasks to essential personnel and allowing for appropriate protective equipment

In an effort to contain and mitigate the spread of Covid-19 we will ask all Coaches/Parents/Players to wear masks when attending any competitions with the exception of players who do not have to wear masks while actively competing.

Key Protocols

- Mask wearing - Required at all times during practices.  In accordance with DPH guidelines, masks will not be required (but are optional) for players while competing in games but will be required for all spectators, coaches and players on the sidelines, and officials during inactive time.  

- Quarantine – There are two types of exposures that need to be reported:  “Positive Test” and “Close Contact”.  If a team participant tests positive parent(s) should report this to the respective Club’s division leader (i.e Boys or Girls) and may require the entire team to be quarantined.  In the case of a reported Close Contact (e.g. a family member is found positive), that player should quarantine….and the Club does not need to.  In both cases, the affected player needs to be symptom-free after the 14 day quarantine period prior to retuning to play.

Daily Checklist:

AYL will ask all parents/athletes to complete SELF-screening as prescribed – DO NOT attend practices or games if you have ANY SYMPTOMS.

Athletes should come prepared with the following:

Masks are required when coming/leaving practices and games. 

Players should have all their equipment (Helmets, Gloves, Pads, Stick, Cleats) All players are asked to come dressed for practices and games before entering the field. (We asked that players get dressed in the parking lot) 

Bring at least 32oz of water. As the weather gets hotter players may need to bring more. There is absolutely NO SHARING.

Covid-19 social distancing recommendations are as follows:

Masks for Coaches

Players must wear masks at all times

Team bench areas should be clearly marked to remind players of proper location

Players must be socially distance on the sidelines

Coaches/Officials must wear masks during coaches meeting

No handshakes at end of games

No running on the field for pile-on celebrations

Hand Sanitizer for each team will be assigned to coaches

Spectators – TBA

COVID-19 Screening:

All staff and students are required to self-screen for any observable illness, including cough or respiratory distress, and to confirm temperature below 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The coach or activity supervisor must confirm self-screening by all activity participants upon arrival. Officials, medical staff, and media should self-screen prior to attending an event. Any person with COVID symptoms must notify appropriate personnel, be removed from participation, self-isolate, and contact his/her primary care provider or other health-care professional.

The following COVID-19 LINKS are guidelines from the State of Connecticut, US Lacrosse, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Connecticut New York Lacrosse Association(CONNY) and Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference (CIAC).








CT DPH Guidelines

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CIAC Guidelines <3_10_21>  This document is aligned with the most recent guidance (3-4-2021) from the Connecticut State Department of Public Health (DPH) and was reviewed by the CSMS Sports Medicine Committee.


Connecticut New York Lacrosse Association

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