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The amount of time a player receives in games will be the direct result of their performance at practice. The performance at practice will be based on the "Student-Athlete Expectations Pyramid."  The Expectations Pyramid is built on specific components that can be controlled by every player, regardless of athletic ability. Notice "All Star" of "Best" Skills or "Most Athletic Players" are NOT listed.  If every player in the AYL family focuses on "the Pyramid," each player, each team, and the entire organization will be on a path to success!  Our coaches will be evaluating each player based on "the Pyramid." In addition to the Pyramid, the best way to explain our philosophy on specific play time in games is that our coaches will do their best to play kids evenly over the course of a season, but not necessarily at each and every game. Sometimes we may clearly be a much better team than our opponent, and sometimes we might be physically overmatched from the start.  In both cases, we ask the coach to use his discretion to keep the game safe for all participants, to treat the players from both teams with respect and concern, and to give our players the opportunity to develop in a safe and fun environment. This is never an easy job, but they have our full support in reaching this goal.  To be clear: specific play time in individual games may not be equitable for every player based on "the Pyramid," as well as safety and competitiveness concerns.